Deployment plan

The main task of the deployment plan is placement of individual plants in the space of the future garden. The exact location of the plants, their full name including the cultivar and the number of plants should be clear from the planting plan. The name of the plant and the number of pieces are marked with a simple sign (e.g. 6 pieces of Betula jacquemontii – Bet/6).

What is included in the deployment plan?

Always included in the deployment plan is list of plants with assigned tag, number of pieces and planting size. The plan also includes sheets with pictures of all used plants.

Perennials can be labeled the same if they are planted in groups. More often, however, we plant them as a mixture, according to the given rules, when each plant does not have its exact place in the planting plan. 

Onions we plant 1–5 pieces in nests, depending on the species.

VThe selection of trees and perennials depends on many aspects: lighting conditions, altitude, humidity conditions, client preferences, etc.

It is always good to repeat the plants in the garden. Too wide a range leads rather to disorganization. It is advisable to choose plants so that the garden is attractive throughout the year.

What should be considered before preparing a deployment plan?

From the client's point of view, it is always good to think about the following: favorite plants, colors, use of fruit trees and shrubs, herbs. Last but not least, it is good to think about how much time the client will be willing to spend maintaining the new garden.