Our garden and landscape studio offers you a complete portfolio of services.

  1. Comprehensive project documentation depending on your requirements, both for the private sector (private investors, architectural studios, development, multinational companies) and for the state sector at all stages of the project.
    1. Mesurements of existing greenery
    2. Creating spacial and technical studies
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    3. Deployment plans, Specification of plants
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    4. Layout plans, Measurement statement
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    5. Technical statement, technological methods
    6. Technical drawings, proposals of garden architecture
    7. Projects of automatic irrigation systems
    8. Visualizations
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    9. Creating a VR walkthrough of the project
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  2. Inventory of greenery, dendrological surveys, evaluation of tree species, felling proposals, forensic expert opinions on tree species, provision of contract engineering, implementation supervision
  3. We connect other professions (garden implementer, garden maintenance, irrigators, electricians, carpenters, stonemasons, masons, plumbers and other professions necessary for the successful establishment of your beautiful garden, park, green roof or other space
  4. Interior greenery projection
  5. Complete solutions of your terrace
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  6. Small scale garden architecture
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  7. Complete arboricultural work
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If you are interested in any of our services, do not hesitate to contact us and we will create a tailor-made project for you.