Garden Up

­          Garden Up Landscape Design is a studio of garden and landscape creation dealing with complex project, advisory and consulting services connected with the creation of gardens, parks and other types of greenery. We solve not only private greenery, but also public greenery. We cooperate with leading architectural studios and with proven and prestigious implementation companies.

         We are ready to pay full attention to you and solve everything comprehensively and in detail. Our designers will work professionally with you and guide you through the entire creation to a successful end. After preparing the implementation documentation in all project stages, we will prepare an itemized budget for implementation. In case of your interest, we will hand you over to professional care by experienced implementers and we will help you with communication during implementation. In the event that you want to implement the garden according to our projects participatory (partly by yourself), we are able to help you and provide everything you need to successfully manage the implementation. We are ready to supply you with plants in first-class quality and standard according to your wishes from our leading nurseries and foreign suppliers.

         We will be happy to help you in contact with the professions that are linked to the implementation of gardens (masons, stonemasons, carpenters, blacksmiths, plumbers, irrigators, waterwork specialists, electricians and others) and help you with negotiations and supervision so that the implementation takes place according to project documentation and the result is perfect.

         We are entering the market with a brand new view-transfering the project documentation into Virtual Reality. We will be happy to invite you to a real tour of your garden before the actual implementation. You can experience everything in detail immediately after the project documentation has been prepared before the actual implementation. Experience your future garden before your realization. Experience it in virtual reality, try it, go through it and implement it only after evaluating the virtual experience. We will make it possible for you.

         We are also able to arrange this virtual tour for other architectural studios, city administration, development, etc. Grab your undecided client - virtual reality will help you convince them.


Don´t be afraid of the future, lets meet it halfway with us


                      GardenUp Landscape design            „Start up your garden“

Garden and landscape design studio

The garden landscape studio was founded by Ing. David Horák. After high school of horticulture, he continued his studies at the CULS Prague in the field of garden and landscape creation. During his studies, he completed an internship abroad (Great Britain, New Zealand). After graduating from university, he founded Landart atelier s.r.o, where he worked as a founder and managing director for 14 years. In 2019 he embarked on a solo career and founded his own project office / studio GARDEN UP landscape design s.r.o

Who are we

Ing. David Horák – Executive

Ing. Petra Horáková - Garden Designer

Ing. Natálie Kolihová – Garden Designer

Marek Syřínek – Creation of VR walkthroughs, Visualizations

Virtual Reality

Our garden and landscape studio is the only one that offers the opportunity to view your project before planting the first plant. Based on the project drawings, we will process a perfect replica of your garden or park in a 3D environment, and we will transfer you to it with the help of virtual Oculus Rift glasses. You will literally be able to walk around your garden.